Stan Royer

Principal, Lead Design Strategist

With more than 15 years’ experience in Interior Design, Interior and Exterior Layout, space planning and home remodeling, Stan Royer worked for one of Silicon Valley’s top design firms before founding Royer Designs in 2004.

Stan Royer had an eye for design from his childhood. As the son of a general contractor, Stan was blessed with the opportunity to be surrounded by the industry’s influences, and at age 10, he requested an Architectural Digest magazine for his birthday.

After drafting several projects for his father, Stan discovered a deep passion for design, and while pursuing design classes, Stan met a general contractor who needed assistance with design consultations with some of his clients. This provided Stan the opportunity to begin working closely with clients to help them organize and nurture their ideas, which would allow the spaces they created to be more cohesive and fluid. This was the beginning of Royer Designs.

As a unique interior/exterior design company, Royer Designs focuses on design strategy for residential and commercial properties throughout the Phoenix Area. With Stan as the lead Design Strategist, Royer Designs supports their clients in all facets of the process from initial conception through the complete installation.


I take a “client-first” approach. I understand that individuals look at their personal space and have an idea of what they want to do, but do not necessarily have the skills or eye for design to make it work. I believe that each client has specific needs and a unique style, so a client’s participation in the process should reflect their uniqueness and vision.

I am energized and inspired by the people aspect of working on a project. When you work with me, you are engaging a partner to help you realize your dream. When you see a completed project by Royer Designs, you will see the client’s vision delivered. One couldn’t simply look at my end product and say, “that’s a Royer Designs Project” because the client’s vision has a lot to do with the outcome. People who work with me appreciate that they can give themselves some credit and take ownership for their project. When this has been accomplished, I have done my job right. It’s their space, their vision, and their dream realized.

Royer Designs“I look forward to working with you to realize your dreams.”
Stan Royer